80 Man LAN


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Planet LAN It is proud to present the 80 Man LAN! Below you will find everything you need to sign up and prepare for November 15th.

Who: Planet LAN It

What: 80 Man LAN

Where: The 86 Club, 2820 Vine Street

When: November 15th, doors open at 8pm

Why: To have a great time with friends and to play great games together.

Price: Free!


Planet LAN It would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our event:







Check In

Check in with the registration desk when you arrive.  UPDATE: this event is now open to everyone.  Non-UC are allowed

Doors open

Seating is on a first come first serve basis, so if you want a specific seat with friends work with them to try and get there early at the same time.


The first two hours of the event are set up time. This allows everyone to get setup and sign up for any tournaments they want to participate in.

Free Play

This time is also a good time to get in a few early rounds of your favorite game and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Tournament sign ups

We will have a table set up to sign up for various tournaments. For the tournaments that will be available please check the games list below.


Opening announcements

We will welcome everyone to the event and announce some of the events going on throughout the night.


League of Legends

Join your friends on the field of justice in League of Legends. The University of Cincinnati’s League of Legends organization UCLoL will be leading our first focus game of the evening. If you don’t own League of Legends or don’t know about it, you can sign up and download the game here. If you are new to gaming groups at UC and want to become more involved with the League of Legends community on campus, check out the UCLoL Facebook page here.

League of Legends will have a TBD event that will be run during it’s scheduled time. Prizes will be provided thanks to Riot Entertainment. Stay tuned for updates!


League of Legends Continues



If you remember worms armageddon then you know how much fun it is controlling tiny minions around the screen and destroying the environment around you. Hedgewars in a turn based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle from the depths of hell to the depths of space. Check out the trailer here. you can download the game here.

Hedgewars will have a 1v1v1v1 tournament run during it’s scheduled time. Rules will be announced at the LAN. Prizes are TBD thanks to Zipcar.


We will go around and collect money from everyone for pizza. It will be from Domino’s across the street. To make things simple we will limit choices to a large cheese or pepperoni. You must purchase a whole pizza ($8) so find some friends to go in with if you want to split up the cost.




What’s better than beautifully detailed mechs destroying the sh*t out of each other? Hawken is a first person mech combat game that’s free to play and a ton of fun. Check out the trailer here. You can sign up and download the game here.

Hawken will have a 4v4 tournament during it’s scheduled time. Rules will be announced at the LAN. Prizes are as follows:

1st place team – each receive a HAWKEN themed mouse and t-shirt

2nd place team – each receive a HAWKEN themed t-shirt



Tower Fall

This is a new high-execution brawler that was release for the Ouya a few months ago. It’s incredibly fun and if you’ve been to a few of our more recent events you might have gotten a chance to play it. Check out more in the trailer here.

Tower Fall will have a 1v1v1v1 tournament during it’s scheduled time. Rules will be announced at the LAN. Prizes are TBD thanks to Asus.


Scavenger Hunt

There are certain items hidden around the venue. Be the first to locate all the items to win a kick-ass prize!


Clean up

All good things must come to an end. Double check when packing to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.


We will have six setups running games on the side for anyone to play at any time.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Super Bomberman

Mario Kart 64

Nintendo Land

Halo 4

Rules! Read them!

1. Have fun and play games!

2. The 80 Man LAN is BYOC (bring your own cables, including power strips), the most commonly forgot cables are ethernet cables and power strips, don’t leave yours at home.

3. No outside drinks other than water. The 86 Club has all the drinks you could want, from smoothies, to soda, to coffee. This is part of our agreement with The 86 Club and we ask that you respect this request.

4. Keep your area clean and throw away your trash.

5. Be kind and courteous to your neighbors.

6. UPDATE/DOWNLOAD YOUR GAMES BEFORE COMING TO THE LAN. We are running on very limited bandwidth and cannot afford to allow any downloading of any sort. If you are caught downloading, we will ask you to stop with one warning. After the warning you will be asked to turn off your PC.

7. Only one monitor per-person. No larger than 30”.

8. Turn off all downloads and fileshares. If you are caught using a filesharing program such as uTorrent, you will be asked to turn off your computer.

9. No speakers, headphones only.

10. Plug in your powerstrip into the main Planet LAN It power strip at your table.

11. Your computer can ONLY be plugged into your powerstrip with the exception of laptops.

12. Please DO NOT daisy chain power  strips.

13. Equipment lockdown. (Midnight to 6am) We have never had an issue with theft at past events, but to prevent anything from happening, no equipment is allowed to leave between 10pm and 6am without checking out with the registration desk. If you notice something missing please contact the registration desk.

14. No alcohol

15. If you are becoming excessively unruly we will ask you to leave.

16. If you lose power or internet for any reason DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself, contact a staff member.


Try new games, this is your chance to play fun new games along with your favorites. We purposely choose a few games you might not usually play because they shine best when in the company of friends.

Bring money, we are ordering Pizza at midnight and will be collecting orders and money at that time. You can also purchase drinks from the Bar inside the venue.

Don’t forget your cables! They are so frequently forgotten it needs to be said again.

Bring a pillow, you never know how you’ll feel at 4:30 in the morning, we try to keep things fun all night long but some people get tired.

Game Downloads

League of Legends – https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/index

Hedgewars – http://www.hedgewars.org/download.html

Hawken – http://www.playhawken.com/#enlist/

Registration (closes at 6pm on the day of)

Due to the popularity of this event, and the fact that it is a first come first serve event, we must request that you DO NOT REGISTER unless you are 100% sure that you can come to the event.  in the registration form type Non-UC in for the mnumber

Click here to register.

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